Letter from the President

Dear Valued Shipper,

Shipping is essential to our global economy. However, as you know, the process is sometimes complex and time-consuming. Therefore, it is our mission to provide you with the best practical shipping solutions across the globe. By aligning your shipping needs with the complex systems, processes, policies, and networking in the shipping industry, we help you optimize the speed, precision, tracking and feedback in which your products are moved.

In addition to our current services, we are working to continue launching innovative and important new initiatives intended to improve your shipping experience. In doing so, we have expanded our portfolio of first-rate clients, and are constantly creating new connections with other parts of the world to broaden our international reach. At the same time, we have made certain that our fundamental values remain strong, emphasizing our commitment to ensuring the highest standards of customer care. This commitment lies at the root of everything we do.

I want to express thanks to the clients, partners and associates of Global Shipping Company. Together we will assure that our new generation of shipping carries forward into the future.

Happy Shipping!

Danny McKee
President and Founder